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Over the years, we have been focusing on the R&D and production of winding machine/spring machine

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DongGuang YouFang Machinery Co. Ltd. is one of the first senior technical enterprises involved in the development,design and production of three-axis computer torsion spring machine in China.It has a long production history.Our company has advanced CNC processing equipment:including CNC lathes,CNC machinning centers,CNC grinding machines,milling machines, grinding machines,wire cutting and various measuring and testing precision equipment. Meanwhile,we have a high-quality management team and excellent mechanical and electrical engineers, which provide a strong support for our production.The equipment developed has the characteristics of high precision wire feeding,stable forming action, novel and pleasant appearance. Solid quality, affordable price,quality service ,bring real benefits to customers and well received by the industry.

1: Disk type computer torsion Spring machine (Hollow coil manufacturing equipment) :3-axis 305 model,3 or 4-axis 310 model,3 or 4 -axis 320 model,3 or 4-axis 330 model,3 or 4-axis 340 model etc.. 3 or 4-axis 340 model etc..

2:Computer forming machine:3-axis(4-axis) 20 model Universal machine,12-axis 25 model Universal machine,35 model No CAM universal machine

3:Compression spring machine :2-axis 08 model ,4-axis 16 model,4-axis 20 model ,2 or 4-axis 28 model ,4-axis 40 model , 5-axis 70 model.  This machine can be able to meet customer production requirements, the wire diameter can be expanded to 18mm.

4:Enameled wire peeling machine :Flat wire can be stripped from 0.1mm thickness with 2 or 4 surfaces, Round wire can be stripped from 0.13mm-4.0mm

Our machines can be used to roll spring products for special purposes,such as pressure,tension,torsion spring, single push spring, middle convex spring,flat spring,special-shaped spring,etc.,as well as various kinds of hollow coil. Widely used in electronics, automobile manufacturing,mold and other industries.