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How to choose a winding machine


When we buy the winding machine, how do we choose the winding machine? Some friends may choose from the machine itself, and some friends will choose the manufacturer. Can these two methods be chosen? If you don't know very well, then go with the winding machine manufacturer to see how to buy a winding machine.

How to choose a winding machine

First, the use of devices in the winding machine is very important.

The quality requirements of the devices used in the equipment are very high, so the quality requirements for the pneumatic components, guiding components, circuit components, control systems, mechanical components, etc. to be used on the equipment are high. Therefore, we should pay attention to the configuration of some winding machine accessories when choosing the winding machine.

Second, the engineer has the ability to design the winding machine.

Engineers who design non-standard automation equipment must have very rich industry design experience and be familiar with many different process requirements and indicators. Have an objective judgment on various processes, and know the points that need attention in various processes to ensure that the products are safe, stable and reliable.

Third, with non-standard automation equipment commissioning and trial production capacity.

According to the customer's needs, we design and manufacture non-standard automation equipment. We need to carry out repeated tests in the company. Through continuous debugging, the performance indicators of the equipment meet or exceed the requirements, and then the delivery and installation, and how to use and maintain the equipment for customers. Conduct all-round training. When we choose a manufacturer, we can go to the factory factory to test the machine, so that the manufacturer can assist the customer to prepare for the trial production and start the formal trial production. And one-on-one guidance to the operators during the trial production process. Its contents include the operation of the equipment, as well as common maintenance knowledge and debugging methods. Until the equipment is working well in the factory and the operator is already proficient in operational skills.

Four. Winding machine manufacturers quality after-sales service.

High-quality after-sales service is indispensable. When we first choose the machine, we need to understand the after-sales service of the manufacturer first. Because we may have some problems when using the equipment, we need the service of the manufacturer. When we feel that a certain manufacturer's after-sales service is not good, we should consider it as appropriate and make choices.

The above is how to buy some methods of the winding machine, we not only look at the machine itself, we also need to carefully select the winding machine manufacturers.


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