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Need to pay attention to those problems during the use of coil winding machine


We all know that the automatic coil winding machine is now a more common winding tool, but we should also pay attention to some problems in the trial of the winding machine. First, we must understand the basic characteristics, material and shape of the wound wire. , the shape of the winding, the entanglement speed, and so on. If we don't understand these problems, we may damage the machine or stop the machine during our use. So we need to understand some of the precautions in the use of the coil winding machine. If you don't understand it, then follow the winding machine manufacturers to find out! This will reduce some damage to the machine during use.

Coil winding machine

1. If self-adhesive thread, enameled cotton thread, etc., reserve a certain space when setting the wire diameter, because the friction of the outer skin is slightly larger than other materials, and there is no inertia.

2, Although the speed of the thin wire winding can not be too slow, but there must be a slow acceleration process, so as not to suddenly accelerate the wire to break.

3, The thick line has a certain range of speed, should not be too fast, but must pay attention to whether the low-speed torque is sufficient.

4. When using aluminum wire, please note that the tension is adjusted to be smaller than the copper wire, so as to prevent the wire diameter from becoming smaller due to the pulling force, which causes the insulating paint to crack and seriously affect the product quality.

5. When the aluminum wire is used, the tension is reduced, and the setting of the wire diameter is increased accordingly. It is necessary to take some of the wire pulleys.

The parameters set for different wire processing are different, so the coil winding machine must first consider the characteristics of the wire. Through the above introductions, we learned that we need to consider some characteristics of the wire when we use the coil winding machine. Because there are some characteristics of the wire on the market, we also need to use different winding machines to process.


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