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The difference between automatic winding machine in semi-automatic winding machine


Many people are curious about the difference between the fully automatic and semi-automatic winding machines. Therefore, the winding machine manufacturer will share with you the difference between the automatic winding machine and the semi-automatic winding machine. When we understand the difference between a fully automatic winding machine and a semi-automatic winding machine, we can easily distinguish between the automatic and semi-automatic differences. Let's take a look at it!

The difference between automatic winding machine in semi-automatic winding machine

Fully automatic winding machine

A fully automatic winding machine is a machine that winds a linear object onto a specific workpiece. The automatic winding machine is a new type of machine that has been developed. In order to meet the requirements of high efficiency and high output, the fully automatic models generally adopt multi-head linkage design. Most domestic manufacturers refer to imported machines from Taiwan and other places. The design of the model uses the programmable controller as the control core of the equipment, and cooperates with the robot, pneumatic control components and execution accessories to complete the functions of automatic cable arranging, automatic tangling, automatic thread trimming, automatic loading and unloading of the skeleton, etc. The efficiency is extremely high, which greatly reduces the dependence on labor. An operator can look after several such devices at the same time, and the production quality is relatively stable, which is very suitable for processing occasions with high output requirements.

Semi-automatic winding machine

Semi-automatic winding machine is a widely used model, also known as CNC automatic winding machine. It can automatically wire and add different mechanical structures to complete different winding requirements. It has high efficiency, convenient maintenance and high cost performance. Domestic manufacturers generally use CNC controllers. Of course, some manufacturers use their own developed controllers as core components. These models are relatively mature in technology. Many manufacturers have continuously improved and upgraded to improve the breadth and depth of product services. As a widely used model on the market, such equipment is much cheaper than fully automatic equipment. Depending on the application, there are thousands to tens of thousands of different prices. This type of machine must be equipped with an operator.

At present, the application of this model is in the production of voice coils, inductor coils and wireless charging coils.

From the above introductions, we can easily distinguish the difference between the fully automatic winding machine and the semi-automatic winding machine, but no matter what kind of machine we know, we must first understand.


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