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How to judge the pros and cons of automatic winding machine equipment


In recent years, automatic winding machines have been greatly developed. In order to meet the requirements of production capacity and efficiency in the industry, automatic winding machines generally adopt multi-axis design. Domestic manufacturers have imported equipment at the initial stage. For reference, the programmable controller is used as the control core of the equipment, combined with the winding mechanism, pneumatic control components and other accessories to complete the functions of automatic cable arranging, automatic winding, automatic thread trimming, automatic loading and unloading of the skeleton, etc. The production method is much larger, the labor cost is greatly reduced, and the steps requiring manual intervention are few. Several equipments can be equipped with one person, and the product yield is high, which is very suitable for high capacity requirements.

How to judge the pros and cons of automatic winding machine equipment

During the winding process, the automatic winding machine will hear the sound of continuous vibration of the motor. The frequency is high and the amplitude is small. When the shaft slides, the “scratch” movement of the guide rail will be heard; occasionally, the air pump will release the gas. It is a normal sound and does not cause a lot of movement. Experienced personnel can use the sound to distinguish whether the winding machine is abnormal.

Assuming that the screws are not tightened or the screws are not installed in the necessary parts, the vibration generated during the operation of the winding machine may loosen the parts, and if there is a serious collision, the power will be cut off immediately after hearing the collision. Check the equipment carefully; if the winding machine is not fixed, it will not reach a certain level, the amplitude of the vibration of the winding machine will increase, there will be a large movement; the bearing has no lubricating oil or the lubricating oil is reduced, the winding machine bearing indoor Hearing the sound of “咝,咝”; the steel ball in the bearing is damaged, and abnormal sound will appear during the operation; if the shaft is bent or the bearing is worn, the winding machine will also generate large amplitude and uneven vibration. The winding machine equipment should be inspected and maintained regularly, and the fault will be killed in the cradle. If the faults and hidden dangers can be found in time, the cost of repair and replacement will be much lower than that of the later repairs!

The above are some methods for judging the advantages of automatic winding machine equipment. We can judge the advantages of automatic winding machine equipment from many places. Because each person's method is different, the winding machine manufacturer recommends that some of the friends who do not know how to go to the advantages of the automatic winding machine use the above method.


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