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How to perform automatic winding machine maintenance in summer


How do we perform automatic winder maintenance in the summer? This maintenance is needed, just as we need to maintain the car in the summer. Many devices have the following problems in the case of extreme heat, such as a computer, which presents a blue screen. The automatic winding machine should pay attention to daily maintenance during the use of the machine, which can prolong the life and avoid the occurrence of faults. This can ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The winder should pay attention to maintenance no matter what season it is, especially in the summer, in addition to the routine maintenance, it must also carry out targeted maintenance and maintenance, including daily cleaning, regular inspection and enhanced heat dissipation. So how do we maintain the fully automatic winding machine?

How to perform automatic winding machine maintenance in summer

First of all, when starting work, you should carefully check the workbench, the cable guides and the main sliding surfaces. If there are obstacles, tools, impurities, etc., you need to clean them up. If you have any damage to the structure of the equipment, if you have any questions, please consult. Whether the professional is caused by the fault, and recorded in the case, check the safety protection, power supply, limit and other devices should be complete, check the distribution box for safety hazards, electrical grounding is good, and the relevant accessories are good.

1. Daily cleaning: Regular cleaning and dust removal of the cooling holes and fans of the automatic winding machine. The long-term accumulation of dust will cause damage to the circuit board and related components, and will also cause malfunctions caused by poor heat dissipation of the equipment.

2, regular inspection: mainly for moving parts and transmission parts to ensure smooth. Such as: spindle motor, brake, stepper motor and cable system, at the same time check the winding concentricity and thimble clamping force of the automatic winding machine.

3. Strengthen ventilation and heat dissipation: The automatic winding machine generally adopts compact design. The summer temperature is high, the temperature inside the winding machine will be higher, which will easily lead to electrical failure and failure. The place where the winding machine is placed should ensure ventilation. If not, a fan should be added.

4. Repair of wearing parts: The main internal parts include the fastening of motor bearings, thimble bearings, transmission belts and cable position systems. In the summer, it is necessary to make some adjustments in winter, such as the brake gap of the brakes and the tightness of the timing belt. .

The above is the maintenance of the fully automatic winding machine. As long as we do these tasks in the summer, our equipment will not have problems. These maintenance can also extend the life of the fully automatic winding machine.


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