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Hollow winding machine structure


Have you ever seen the structure of the hollow winding machine? It may be that many friends don't know what a hollow winder is, let alone the structure of a hollow winder. In fact, we can easily understand the hollow winding machine. If you don't know much, let's take a look!

Hollow winding machine structure

(1) Rack. The frame consists of an angle steel frame and a stainless steel table top. The equipment is equipped with casters for easy movement. When the equipment reaches the designated position, the wheels can be put up to achieve stable support.

(2) Tension mechanism. Located in the incoming part of the whole machine, the tension can be adjusted according to the characteristics of different wires and the winding speed to ensure that the coil can be wound normally and quickly. The tension adjuster can adjust the knob to adjust the tension for different needs. After the adjustment The tension can be maintained at a stable value.

(3) Winding mechanism. It is mainly composed of servo motor, synchronous toothed belt and winding fly fork. It is the winding main shaft in the movement of electronic cam. The copper wire is wound on the winding die by the flying fork, which is one of the core components of the winding machine. .

(4) Cable arranging mechanism. Including servo motor, precision linear screw, precision guide rail, pneumatic sliding fork, etc., it is the cable slave axis in the movement of electronic cam. In the winding motion, following the reciprocating motion of the winding spindle in the forward and reverse direction to realize the cable action, it is a winding machine. One of the main moving parts.

(5) Work turntable. It consists of an indexing stepping motor, a rotary table, a wire fork, and a winding die. The device can perform multiple tasks at the same time, and performs the steps of preheating, trimming, heating, demoulding, etc. at the same time of winding. The work turntable is completed according to different work positions.

(6) Wire cutting mechanism. For a pneumatic actuator, the wound coil is cut at a specified position.

(7) Demoulding mechanism. It consists of an indexing stepping motor and a pneumatic demoulding, and the coil that has been wound is removed from the winding die.

(8) Hot air system. The equipment is equipped with two adjustable temperature 220V hot air guns, which preheat the die before the winding action starts. After the winding is completed, the coil can be hot aired for demoulding.

(9) Electrical control. Includes electrical control box and touch screen operation box. The imported motion controller is used as the core control, the touch screen is used as the human-computer interaction carrier, and the servo motor executes the instructions to realize the precise matching of the entire winding process, thereby ensuring that the wound coil meets the requirements.

After reading the introduction of the above winding machine manufacturers, are you easy to understand the structure of the hollow winding machine?


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