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How to make daily maintenance of coil winding machine


How do we maintain the coil winding machine in our daily life? Maybe a lot of friends have not understood, perhaps the coil winding machine has the daily maintenance of the winding machine on the equipment manual, but we did not read it carefully, so we also do not understand how to maintain the winding machine, so Dongguan winding The machine manufacturer will introduce you to the daily maintenance of some coil winding machines. What should we do?

How to make daily maintenance of coil winding machine

First, software maintenance

First of all, the software maintenance of the coil winding machine is the same as that of the computer we use. It requires punctuality to eliminate waste information and adjust the fault setting. Perhaps many people have this feeling. The computer system just uses it quickly, but Gradually, its speed will become slower and slower. This is because the information of waste is getting more and more, then our coil winding machine is the same, punctual eradication of unnecessary information, we can insist on coil winding The clean environment set by the line controller software reduces the controller's crash and program error and probability; timely adjustment of the fault setting left in the controller can be useful to avoid the faulty process of daily production process, some in equipment debugging and The setting information in the trial winding process assumes that the adjustment is not timely, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to the subsequent equipment application.

Second, the maintenance of wearing parts

The daily operation of the coil winding machine will wear some wearing parts on the equipment. Among these parts, the line equipment is the accessory that is often required to be replaced, and it is also a component that is relatively fast. The user should check the line equipment in time. Through the wire wheel, tensioner, ceramic eye, crimping felt and other components, the wire pulley can be visually observed to determine whether the replacement of the ceramic component is required. The tensioner is generally set to adjust the screw to check the adjustment screw. Whether the tension has been changed, whether the tension value and the minimum value of the tension are within the useful value together, the pressure felt felts to be replaced as soon as possible, so it is necessary to replace the enameled wire, and there is a need for punctual maintenance. The damage piece is the spindle power and brake. The maintenance of the spindle power does not refer to all coil winding machines. Generally speaking, it refers to the coil winding machine equipped with DC motor. The DC motor is equipped with carbon brush due to its structural features. The carbon brush is required for punctuality. In other words, when the motor is vibrating and weak, the demand is replaced in time. The replacement time of the brake is generally 2 years, and it needs to be used during the operation. Adjust the brake interval while puncturing.

The daily maintenance of the coil winding machine can be grasped by ordinary users, so it is only necessary to strictly perform routine maintenance to better utilize the power of the coil winding machine.


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