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Over the years, we have been focusing on the R&D and production of winding machine/spring machine

YF-105D double head point winding machine

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  • Classification :Spot welding and winding machine
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  • Release date:2024-04-12
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Machine Feature

1.Adopt the latest manufacturing process,to make the equipment rus smoothly and accurately,making winding and peeling more stable.

2.Optimize mechanical structure design, improve the overall performance of the equipment, further reduce the repeated positioning error of the equipment.

3.Adopt hight performance servo motor, to make operation is more accurate.

4.The main shaft of winding is developed and produced by advanced tehnology,the rotation concentricity error is further reduced, meet the inner diameter requirements of various hollow coils, especially the production of flat wire coil.

5.Products are widely used in electronics,digital,mobile phones, automobile and other industries.

6.The equipment can be directly connected to the back of the molding process,composition,winding,spot welding,molding,for the integrated molding process.

Main Technique Parameter



Wire Diameter(mm) 


Twist the handle long


The reel distance


Reel Direction


Reel Min.instruction value


Reel Max.instruction value


The camshaft min. setpoints


The camshaft max. setpoints


Pitch min. setpoints


Pitch max. setpoints


Capacity (each min.)


Wire feeding sevro


Pitch sevro


Rotation sevro


Cam sevro


Pitch sevro


Spot welding machine


Positioning shaft servo (A shaft)

 non or 2*400W optional

Hot air device


Total output power


Machine dimension(MM)





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