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What kind of mechanical equipment is the winding machine?


Most electrical products require the use of enameled copper wire (referred to as enameled wire) to form an inductor, which requires a winding machine. For example: various motors, fluorescent lamp ballasts, transformers of various sizes, television sets. The mid-week for the radio, the inductor coil, the line output transformer (high voltage package), the electronic igniter, the high voltage coil on the mosquito killer, the horn, the earphone, the voice coil of the microphone, various welding machines, etc., cannot be exemplified. The coils need to be wound with a winding machine. In the textile industry, cotton yarns, man-made fiber threads, etc. are used to wind a variety of yarns and yarns suitable for textile machines. These need to be wound by a winding machine.

What kind of mechanical equipment is the winding machine?

A winding machine is a machine that winds a linear object onto a specific workpiece. Most electrical products need to be wound into an inductive coil with an enamelled copper wire (referred to as an enameled wire). In this case, a winding machine is needed. Scope of application: Most electrical products need to be wrapped into copper wire (called enameled wire) to make the inductor coil. You can use the winding machine to complete this or more processing. For example: various motors, hollow cup motors, rotors, stators, lead inductors, chip inductors, transformers, solenoid valves, word inductors, resistors, ignition coils, RFID, transformers, audio coils, IC card high and low frequency coils , focus the coil.

Since the clamping device of most special fixtures only needs simple fixed manipulation or moving the handle to clamp the skeleton, the time and difficulty of correcting the worker's efficiency and adjusting the position of the skeleton are greatly reduced, and the production is reasonable. The fixtures do not need to be aligned and adjusted at all, so the use of these special fixtures reduces the technical requirements for workers and reduces the labor intensity of workers. The winding processing of the winding machine has been increased. Many of the special fixtures for the winding machine can not only clamp a certain type, but also clamp different types of skeletons, and have a device for adjusting the position, so that the fixture itself can also be The use of different types of winding machines expands the winding processing range of the winding machine.

This type of machine integrates many new technologies such as numerical control, pneumatics and light control, so the price is tens of thousands of yuan and the price is more than 100,000 yuan. The price also makes many users sigh, and the function requirements determine this. The parts of the equipment are made up of a large number of non-standard parts and custom parts, so the maintenance process will be complicated and the cycle will be long in the event of a fault. Its advanced nature and high output still attract customers.


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