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How does the automatic winding machine control system work?


The servo drive in the automatic winding machine control system is the core component of the fully automatic winding machine servo system. It plays the role of the control of the automatic winding machine and the transmission of the cable command. The automatic winding machine control The system and the winding machine combine to form a complete closed-loop servo mechanism. The number of motor pulses generated by the winding machine can be first transmitted to the servo driver through the code in the control system. It can be correctly compared with the preset pulse value. Identify the location of the winder and identify it. In this way, the positioning accuracy of the winding machine can be effectively improved. At the same time, the input pulse of the PLC can be well received and transmitted to the winding machine to realize a complete control cycle.

Fully automatic winding machine

Accurate parking of the spindle of the automatic winding equipment is also an intelligent one. The two common implementation principles are as follows:

1. Brakes are installed in the spindle system. Common brake types are electromagnetic, pneumatic, friction, etc. Among them, electromagnetic brakes are widely used, which have large braking torque, fast response time, convenient installation, etc. Features, the control signal is generated by the controller system, the brake gets the signal and the spindle is locked to achieve accurate parking.

2. The spindle inertia pre-control and the inverter DC brake are used to realize the accurate stop of the spindle. This realization principle requires the control system to make inertia pre-control on the equipment spindle, cut off the spindle power in advance, and use the inertia plus the inverter DC brake. The spindle achieves accurate parking.

3, The performance index of the automatic winding machine servo system

Comprehensive measurement of the design requirements of this cable system, it is considered that the ideal choice is low inertia winding machine, the matching driver is selected to have input voltage three-phase 230V or single AC230V, the input frequency is 20/60HZ, suitable for For the winding machine below 0.2KW, the position signal has three input modes, namely pulse-direction and A/B pulse train. The main technical parameters: rated output power is 0.2ICW; rated output is transferred to 0.64Nni, output is transferred to 1.9Nm: rated speed is 3000r/min.

The intelligent design of the automatic winding machine is based on the functional analysis of different functions or different performances and different specifications of a certain series of products, and divides and designs a series of functional modules through the selection of modules. And combination to form different products to meet the different needs of customers for fully automatic winding machines. For the finished product of the winding machine, the modular design can be summarized as follows: According to the requirements of the user, based on the functional analysis, a series of interchangeable functions with the same performance (or use) and different structures can be set up. Functional units, as well as some dedicated, separate components, which are then assembled into a single winding machine or a flexible machining unit.


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