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Automatic winding machine parking position is not allowed


At present, most of the automatic winding machines on the market use electromagnetic braking to control the parking position of the winding spindle. Generally, the manufacturer will adjust the brakes in place at the factory, but after a period of operation, due to the frequent use of the brakes. And wear, there will be problems such as abnormal sound of the brake and deviation of the parking position. If it is necessary to wrap around the stitch or the coil that needs to cross the groove, the deviation will occur, and the enameled wire cannot be properly embedded in the groove, etc., so as a user Mastering certain processing methods will make the efficiency of the equipment more effective.

Automatic winding machine parking position is not allowed

The reason for the inaccurate parking position of the automatic winding machine:

The first is that the parameters of the equipment are not properly set. The speed of the spindle is very high under normal operating conditions. In addition, the spindle load has a large rotational inertia in this state. If it needs to change from running to stopping, then A buffering process is required. This process corresponds to stopping the local train in the setting parameters of the winding machine. Many users do not pay enough attention to this parameter during use, resulting in insufficient buffering and the spindle cannot be stopped at the specified position. At the same time, it also increases the impact on the brakes. If the long-term operation will affect the normal operation of the brakes, the life of the brakes will be greatly shortened;

Secondly, the working coil of the brake can not work normally. The reason why the coil does not work normally is also that the input voltage of the device is unstable and the electrical components can not work normally. Therefore, the general winding machine has the specified rated working voltage, lower than and Higher than rated voltage will affect the normal operation of the winding machine.

There are also brake pads that will affect the normal stop of the winding machine. The working principle of the electromagnetic brake is that the friction of the fixed friction plate and the rotating friction plate generates the braking force after the coil is energized. The brake is a lossy part due to the long-term use. The friction plate has different degrees of wear, which causes the braking torque to decrease. The rotating friction plate will also change correspondingly due to the impact of the long-term impact on the fixed position.

The reason for the inaccurate parking position is that there are many serious and careful analysis to better solve the problem. For the setting of the equipment parameters, the user should adjust according to the running speed and load condition of the main shaft. Under normal circumstances, the slow speed is set to 3- Between 5, if the spindle speed is high and the load is heavy, the number of turns should be increased accordingly: the voltage of the device should be checked before and during the operation to ensure that the device is operating within the normal voltage range, too low and Excessive voltage will have an impact on the equipment. If the factory voltage is unstable, it should be considered to install a voltage regulator. The brakes of the winding machine belong to the loss component and should be checked regularly. It should be replaced in 2 years under normal operating conditions. The spacing of the plates needs to be adjusted every 3 months, and the adjustment distance is 2-3 mm.


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