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Does the environment have an effect on the fully automatic winding machine?


Fully automatic winding machines are indispensable equipment for the electrical manufacturing industry. The impact of the use environment on electrical equipment is part of the neglect of many users. When the stability of the device is poor and there is no problem, attention should be paid to external causes. The control system of the line machine belongs to the precision electrical system. It has powerful arithmetic units and step controllers. Any interference factor will cause the automatic winder to work abnormally.

Does the environment have an effect on the fully automatic winding machine?

The first is the power supply

If the fully automatic winding machine is like a car, then the power supply is gasoline. Power quality plays an extremely important role in the normal operation of the automatic winding machine. In the factory, high-power equipment is inevitable. The plant voltage fluctuates when starting and stopping. This abnormal power supply change will seriously affect the normal operation of the fully automatic winder controller. If the rated voltage is exceeded or the rated voltage is lower than the rated voltage for a long time, the electrical components of the equipment will malfunction, the spindle motor will malfunction, and the motor temperature will rise abnormally. The first thing to check is whether the power supply is normal.

Second, the factory is dust-proof and moisture-proof

The quality of the factory environment directly affects the life of the fully automatic winding machine. The fully automatic winder uses a lot of dust in the workshop for a long time. The controller radiator and many oil-lubricated parts collect large amounts of dust and sludge. Dust seriously affects the normal heat dissipation of the controller and the lubrication of moving parts.

Three vibrations and electromagnetic interference

The fully automatic winding machine is a precision electrical device with a complex control system. Vibration and electromagnetic interference are the natural enemies of the controller. Vibration can affect the normal contact of the circuit. The main culprit for loose ends and poor contact is vibration and electromagnetic interference. It is also very common in our lives. For example, mobile phones can affect the normal operation of the radio. When there is a strong source of electromagnetic interference, the controller of the fully automatic winding machine will generate a series of operational errors and other frequent alarms.


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