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Automatic winding machine speed control method


Since the automatic winding machine of the winding machine manufacturer does not require manual operation, the professional requirements for the operator are higher. In order to adapt to the processing technology of the coil, the automatic winding machine is equipped with the spindle speed regulating function, the winding machine The types of machining should be different, and the types of spindle motors that are familiar with them are AC motor, DC motor, and servo drive motor. The speed control methods used by these motors have their own characteristics. The manufacturer talks about the speed control method of the automatic winding machine.

Automatic winding machine speed control method

The speed control method of the AC motor does not have the function of speed regulation itself. It is required to realize the speed regulation function through the electromagnetic speed control equipment or the installation of the frequency converter. In the winding equipment, we are more common in the speed regulation method of the frequency converter, through the winding machine The control system of the manufacturer's winding equipment controls the frequency converter to make the motor have the function of speed regulation. The method also has certain energy-saving effect.

At present, our common DC motors have the following two kinds of DC brush and DC brushless. The DC motor needs to convert the supplied power into DC power to drive the motor. Therefore, the DC motor is equipped with a DC speed control board or a brushless drive to drive control. The motor is used in a small winding device due to its small size.

Servo motor has only been applied to automatic winding machine in recent years. It belongs to precision moving parts and is suitable for high-precision winding equipment. It is used with special drive to realize closed-loop operation control. A large feature of this type of motor is constant rotation. Moment, closed loop operation, used to meet the processing requirements of high precision coils.

The fully automatic winding machine of the winding machine manufacturer responds to the rising demand for labor and product quality. It can be combined into a high degree of automation by means of motors, pneumatic components, transmissions, sensors, electric components, control systems and more. It is usually possible to automatically line, wrap, break the line, twist the line, and load and unload. Operators only need to ensure sufficient raw materials, and timely replacement in the absence of workpieces or copper wire to ensure continuous production, usually high number of axes to achieve high efficiency production. A machine with a high degree of automation can meet the requirements of one employee taking care of multiple devices at the same time.


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