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Speed regulation mode and detection mode of automatic winding machine in equipment


First, the AC motor speed control mode: This type of motor itself has no speed control function, it needs to pass the electromagnetic speed control device or install the frequency converter to achieve the speed control function, in our common is the inverter speed control mode The inverter is controlled by the control system of the winding device to make the motor have a speed regulation function, and the method also has a certain energy saving effect.

Speed regulation mode and detection mode of automatic winding machine in equipment

Second, the speed control mode of the DC motor: DC motor needs to convert the supplied power into DC power to drive the motor. Therefore, the DC motor is equipped with a DC speed control board or a brushless drive to drive the control motor. The amount of application in the winding equipment is large.

Third, the servo drive motor speed control mode: It belongs to the precision moving parts for high-precision winding equipment, and is used with special drive to achieve closed-loop operation control. This type of motor is characterized by constant torque and closed-loop operation. Meet the processing requirements of high precision coils.

After purchasing the winding machine, we need to check and accept the new equipment. How to check the winding equipment? There is no clear standard for reference. Many users often judge according to their own experience. The details of the problem can not be found, in general, should be tested according to the following steps:

The first is visual inspection and measurement. When the equipment is out of the box, the equipment can be observed and the various configurations are complete. During the assembly process, the contact and smoothness of the sliding parts are checked, and the inspection tools are used for various axes and The hole is measured for coaxiality, and the lubrication of the relevant action parts should be checked. It should be stable, reliable and without blockage. The second step of the test is idling operation. After running for 30 minutes under no-load conditions, the bearing parts and sliding parts should be inspected for no obvious temperature rise. During the idling operation, the high and low speeds of the test equipment and the execution of various actions are good. Detecting the positional accuracy when parking across the slot, and detecting whether the brake is effective, and whether the tensioner and the wire wheel in the wire passing device are smooth and smooth. Provisions. After the winding machine has been idling, it needs to run with the line. During the line process, it should be checked whether the number of windings is accurate or not, and whether the movement of the wire arranging device is smooth and correct, and whether the coil is wound according to the set process. Flat and compact, the insulation of the enameled wire is good.


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