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How does a coil winding machine wind a high quality coil?


The rational preparation and setting of the winding process, we all know that the production of electrical coils must first develop a good production process, a standard teaching and standards for the entire production process, then the process is very important, a reasonable The process can reduce the defect rate of the product and improve the production efficiency of the product. After the process is completed, the parameters involved in the process are input into the control system of the winding device. There is a certain gap between the planned value and the practical value. The actual value reflected by the demand operator is made a reasonable adjustment and modification.

How does a coil winding machine wind a high quality coil?

Attachment function adjustment winding machine has many accessories for auxiliary winding operation, tension organization, winding mold are all very important accessories, the tension value directly affects the tightness of the coil, the accuracy of the mold will affect the equipment cable The accuracy.

The program setting of the coil winding machine, in the future, the user should understand the use and function of the winding machine, and understand the function setting of the equipment. From the beginning of the simple coil winding, step by step to master the equipment setting skills and Use, the general user will provide technical practice and on-site debugging when purchasing the winding machine. This practice opportunity can not be paid attention to by many users. The on-site practice of the manufacturer's technicians is more understandable than the user's own understanding of the manual, and the operator should have more Beginning and researching can master the setting of the winding machine. The proper setting of the winding machine program is an important part of winding high quality coils.

Winding machine manufacturers should set the winding parameters reasonably. The coil winding machine produced by the winding machine manufacturer adopts the 32-bit ARM control chip. The system has a high degree of automation and serves as the linkage work of the entire equipment. The parameter setting determines whether its work meets the process requirements, so this Users are required to correctly and reasonably set relevant parameters according to their own needs. Only in this way can the machine's control system fully play its role and wind out the delicate coils.

The selection of the winding skeleton is a problem that many users neglect. In order to reduce the cost, the inferior plastic may be used, or the skeleton neck may be thinned to form a severe deformation of the skeleton. Each step of the winding machine is controlled according to the program instructions. If the skeleton is deformed severely, it will constitute a coil winding beyond the winding scale, and even change the electrical characteristics, so the user must not be cheap and then affect the coil quality when selecting the skeleton.


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