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Factors that determine the longevity of the air-coil winding machine


Many customers hope that the hollow coil winding machine they bought will last a long time, but in fact, there are actually some points that customers don't know during the purchase process, so no matter how good the quality is, how good the winding machine is, as long as you don't know Maintenance, life expectancy will not be long. In order to avoid this drawback, Dongguan Winding Machine manufacturers will explain some of the problems that need to be paid attention to.


The performance of the air-core coil winding machine is related to its efficiency, the process that can be solved, and the scrap rate. Some characteristics of the air-core coil winding machine start-up will also affect the long-term normal and reliable operation of the machine.

1. Stable at start-up, the weight of the air-coil winding machine is up to 800KG, which can effectively guarantee the long-term stable operation of the machine.

2. The starting torque must be large enough to enable the air-core coil winding machine to overcome the resistance torque.

3, the starting current should be as small as possible, because the electronic components and circuit boards of the air-core coil winding machine are relatively weak.

4. The starting device should be as simple, economical and convenient to operate as possible. After the air-coil winding machine is connected to the power supply, just click the green button on the plc screen to start the machine.

The starting method of the air-core coil winding machine can be divided into direct start and buck start. The direct start is that the air-core coil winding machine is directly connected to the rated voltage, which is also called full-voltage start. This starting method is mainly used in the case where the power grid capacity is large, and the starting current of the air-core coil winding machine does not cause a significant voltage drop on the power grid.

The air-core coil winding machine with a general power of less than 1Okw is fully pressurized. When the power is large and the power supply capacity is not allowed, the buck start should be adopted. The method of step-down startup can be divided into Y-A start-up method, compensator step-down start method and Yanbian triangle step-down start method. The specific method to be used depends on the nameplate of the motor and the load on the motor.


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