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Common functions of coil winding machine and coil setting method


The normal operation of the coil winding machine requires the cooperation of processing materials, parameter setting, and accessory functions. The correct setting of the parameters is especially important. It is related to whether the coil winding machine processes the coil according to the requirements of the winding process. The quality of the coil, many coil winding machine users have blind settings, parameter settings are not reasonable, etc., coil winding manufacturers from the actual case of common coils to explain the editing settings of the common functions of the coil winding machine.


First, the setting of common transformer coil

Common coil winding machine parameters include winding point, winding width, total number of turns, winding and slowing, stopping slow, etc. These functions are detailed in the coil winding machine manual and application examples are available for users' reference ( This article does not explain), according to the characteristics of the transformer coil to set the parameters of the coil winding machine should pay attention to the following problems, the first is to set the position of the winding point to pay attention to the position of the coil tap, should not be set on the same side of the coil Secondly, the reasonable speed is selected according to the material of the enameled wire, especially when the flat wire is used, the speed of the bobbin should not be too fast, and the speed is too high, which may lead to the loss of the step between the wire axis and the main shaft.

Second, the setting of common motor stator coil

The stator coil of the motor is characterized by small width and large diameter. Generally, it is wound by single or multiple strands of enameled wire. When winding, the spindle needs to be positioned across the slot. When setting parameters, it is necessary to pay attention to when using multiple strands of enameled wire and winding the wire diameter. The parameter needs to be adjusted and the value should not be too small. The coil winding machine stops the number of laps according to the speed and wire diameter.

Third, the setting of common ballast coil

The ballast coil is a small coil. When winding this kind of coil, the enameled wire is usually wound directly on the skeleton. The parameter setting needs to be adjusted according to the size of the skeleton. It should be noted that the skeleton of the ballast coil is generally made of plastic material. Since the material characteristics will have a certain skeleton deformation, the setting width should be added with a certain amount of deformation correction value.


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